Westfield ‘Y’ flips at championships

BiancaGLASTONBURY, CONN. – The Westfield YMCA Gymnastics Team recently attended the 2014 YMCA Northeast Regional Gymnastics Championship hosted by the Glastonbury CT YMCA at the Glastonbury, CT High School. Almost 1,100 gymnasts in Levels 3-9 and Xcel competed from Northeast YMCAs. Every gymnast who attended had to earn a qualifying score twice during the regular season in order to be eligible to compete.
In the Level 3, 11 Year Old B age division, Nicole Marek placed 5th on floor. She was also 7th on beam and 9th all-around. 10 year Old A age division, Rylee Altieri place 5th on vault, scoring a 9.25. She was also 9th on floor. 9 Year Old, Madelyn Powers, placed 4th on beam with a 9.2 and 2nd on vault, scoring a 9.4. She also placed 6th all-around.
In the Level 4, 13 & Older age division, Bianca Hiltz was 10th on floor and 11th on vault. In the 12 Year Old Senior age division, Julia Maryanski placed 6th on vault, she was also 7th on beam, 9th on floor and 8th all-around, earning her highest all-around of the season. Lindsey Jacobs, in the 12 Year Old, Junior age division, placed 3rd on vault. She was also 8th on bars and 10th all-around.
The Level 6 Team did an amazing job earning the 2014 Level 6 3rd Place Team Award! Contributing to the Team Score, Tai’le Oprecht placed on all 4 events, earning 5th place on beam, 4th place on vault and bars and 2nd all-around. She scored a 9.35 on floor, earning her the 2014 Regional YMCA Level 6, 15 & Older Floor Champion title. In the 13 Year Old age division, Miranda Wozniak also placed on all 4 events. She placed 6th on beam, 5th on vault and 4th on bars. She also placed 2nd on floor with a 9.15 and 2nd all-around. 12 Year Old, Avery Farquharson placed on 2 events, earning 3rd place on beam with a 9.15 and 3rd place on floor with a 9.3. She also placed 3rd all-around.
Level 7, Sophie Carellas was 7th all-around and 8th on vault, beam and floor. In the Xcel Silver 12 Year Old Age Division, Megan Hawks placed 3rd on vault with a 9.0 and 5th on floor. She scored a 9.4 on beam, earning her the 2014 Regional YMCA Xcel Silver 12 Year Old Beam Champion title. She also placed 4th all-around.
Notes: The Westfield YMCA Gymnastics program is currently running the Spring Session. You can still sign up! Registration has begun at the YMCA for the Summer Gymnastics Camp & Mini Gymmies Camp.
Call the YMCA (562-8631) or check out their website for more info at – COURTESY OF WESTFIELD YMCA

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