Will it be Patriots Day 6.0?

WESTFIELD –  New England Patriots fans are well aware of the tuck rule, Spy-gate, and Deflate-gate. But there’s an even bigger twist of fate that local NFL fans are likely unaware of.
At one time, our 2018-19 Beat The Putz grand prize winner Andy Unterreiner called St. Louis, Missouri home. The New England Patriots dynasty was born against the Rams.
Unterreiner’s travels took him through parts of the south, midwest, and west before he settled in New England, or more specifically the Whip City in 2005. Over the course of the last two decades, these Patriots have traveled a road to a mind-boggling eight Super Bowls. Out of those eight, Brady and Belichick have come away with five championship trophies.
Once Unterreiner became a part of the fabric of the northeast, he soon bled the red, white, and blue of Patriots Nation.
So now, having grown up in St. Louis before eventually uprooting to New England, how hard is it to see his former NFL team against his current one?
Not hard at all, according to Unterreiner.
“The people back in St. Louis that I know told me they are rooting for the Pats to win,” Unterreiner explained.
Maybe that has something to do with their recent move from St. Louis to Los Angeles?
Yup, Unterreiner said.
Unterreiner recently won a super-sized, barbecue-style Super Bowl party, courtesy of North Elm Butcher Block, thanks to his undefeated Week 9 entry in our contest that was ultimately drawn (at random, of course) for the grand prize.
On Sunday, his family and friends will be treated to, not only what figures to be a delicious buffet that is estimated to feed between 15-30 people, but a Patriots game to boot.
“I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” Unterreiner said.
Except for a Pats victory.
Our latest grand prize winner has good news for Patriots Nation.
“I think it’s No. 6 for Brady and the boys,” said Unterreiner, who predicts a 31-27 Patriots win. “I think the Patriots will score late. The Rams will have one more chance, a drive … that will fizzle out around the 40 yard line.”
As for my prediction, I have to agree with Andy. I believe the Patriots will put up four touchdowns, maybe even five. I think the Rams, led by yet another up-and-coming quarterback Jared Goff, will score (3 TDs and 2 field goals by my account), but come up just short.
One thing is for sure when it comes to Super Bowls and the New England Patriots, it is always entertaining.
Let’s just hope it’s the Patriots’ day again!

“The Putz” Prediction: Patriots 28, Rams 27.

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