Woodland has new principal for 2018-19 school year

Current Powder Mill School Principal Kim Saso has been named the new Principal of Woodland School. (Photo courtesy of Kim Saso)

SOUTHWICK – Last week, Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District Superintendent Jen Willard announced that Kimberly Saso has been named the new principal at Woodland School, effectively on July 1.

The school district is now actively searching for a new principal at Powder Mill School for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.

In a letter that Willard sent to parents and families, she expressed her thoughts on selecting Saso.

“Throughout her time with the district, Mrs. Saso has demonstrated outstanding leadership and building management,” said Willard. “She is a team player and supporter of instructional practices, and I am excited about the work that she will do with the staff at Woodland School in the coming years.”

Saso has been the principal at Powder Mill School since the beginning of the 2015-16 school year and was the principal at Woodland for nine years prior.

“Woodland was my first opportunity to work on my skills as an administrator,” said Saso. “I’m also very excited about re-establishing and working with staff I worked with for nine years.”

While Saso is eager to go back to Woodland, she’s also going to miss the positive experiences she’s had with faculty, staff, parents, and students at Powder Mill.

“I have to leave people that I hold close to my heart and that I’ve formed relationships with,” said Saso.

Before she starts her position on July 1, Saso is planning on meeting with staff and faculty at Woodland to understand what their needs are and what she can do to best support students.

Ronald Peloquin is the interim principal at Woodland School and has been in that position since January 1. Peloquin came out of retirement to fill the interim position after serving 20 years as both the assistant principal and principal at Powder Mill School.

Peloquin became the interim principal after John Rodgers was set to retire in December of 2017. Since October, Rodgers was the interim principal at Woodland. This all stems from the announcement in October of 2017 that Woodland Principal Amy Fouracre was on leave.

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