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WSU students to showcase research in next historical lecture

The CURCA ribbon cutting ceremony and student presentations at WSU in December. The student’s research can be seen on the walls, and will follow a similar display in Friday’s showcase. (Photo submitted)

WESTFIELD- The next lecture in the Westfield 350 Historical Lecture Series will be different from those that came before. Rather than a single or small group of lecturers, a large group of students at Westfield State University will be presenting their research in a showcase at WSU’s Ely Hall on Friday from 1 to 4 p.m..

Such a showcase has been done every year for four years through the Center of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity at WSU, according to CURCA Director Lamis Jarvinen. This year, however, they were approached to make the event a part of the 350 Historical Lecture Series, to which Jarvinen accepted. Afterwards, she decided to put a twist on this year’s research projects that would be presented.

“Some of the people wanted to focus on the City of Westfield,” said Jarvinen. She added that much of the work that will be presented will have to do with the city and its history and some data they were able to gather about it.

More than 212 posters displaying the student’s research will be presented at the showcase. It is the culmination of a conglomerate of research done by WSU Undergraduates under their faculty and advisors, according to Jarvinen.

“My intent as the director is to showcase the talent and commitment that the faculty and staff provide students,” said Jarvinen.

In addition to the research and posters, there will be several speakers and performances throughout the day. In the beginning there will be speeches by Provost Diane Prusank, Professor Robin White, and Jarvinen herself. Following their speeches will be musical performances by Robert Rodrigues and Elizabeth Gelinas. There will also be a theater performance by some WSU students.

Not all of the posters will be presented at once. Each student will be assigned a number when they register earlier in the day. Those who receive odd numbers will present their work beginning at 1:45. Those with even numbers will do so at 3.

The research the students did on the City of Westfield ranges from the relationship between WSU and the City to the full history of the city itself. One student will be presenting a research poster titled “Keeping Westfield Healthy” which explores the healthcare in Westfield and what healthcare organizations are present in the city and on campus.

While the poster presentations are happening, the Arno Maris Art Gallery in Ely Hall will be open as well. On display in the gallery will be the art work of students.

“I think this is going to be a wonderful opportunity for the community to come into our space and see how WSU does its research,” said Jarvinen.

The showcase will close out with a raffle prize drawing at 4 p.m.. As with the rest of the lectures, this event is free for all to attend.

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