Aggressive raccoon shot, cat euthanized

WESTFIELD – A city man shot and killed an intruding raccoon after the animal invaded his home Dec. 31 and mauled his cat.
A Wood Road Extension resident called police at 12:06 p.m. Tuesday to report that a raccoon – which he feared might be rabid – had entered his home via a cellar window and was menacing his cat.
Animal control officers Spenser Afonso and Jessica Carrington responded to the call and Afonso reports that the raccoon had attacked and mauled the resident’s cat before they arrived.
She also reports that the animal “started coming after humans as well” before it was shot to death by the resident.
Afonso transported the injured cat and the dead raccoon to Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital in South Deerfield.
There, the cat was euthanized due to it’s wounds and the remains of the raccoon were sent to a state testing lab to determine if it had been rabid.

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