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Allie announces write-in campaign for state representative

WESTFIELD – City Councilor Dan Allie announced he is launching a sticker/write in campaign for Westfield’s state representative in the Nov. 3 election. Allie lost to Kelly Pease by 117 votes in the Republican Primary on Sept. 1.

“Deciding what to do has not been easy. It took a few weeks to collect information, research and understand what happened in our primary. On election night, we were aware of deceptive mailings paid for by a Super PAC designed to confuse supporters of Mayor Humason and myself,” said Allie. “With so few votes determining the primary, it was very troubling to discover other factors that had an even larger impact on the outcome of the election. In the upcoming days, I will release details of what we have learned. After much prayer, consultation and encouragement from residents and supporters, I have decided to launch a sticker/write-in campaign in the Nov. 3 election for State Representative.”

“Residents across the city, from both parties have encouraged me to keep fighting and run for State Representative. I am very grateful to have the support of so many. People have been gracious and many have kept their yard signs up. Donations from residents have sustained this campaign and have continued over the last few weeks. Shouldn’t the donations of a few dollars from a resident mean more than large donations from parties outside the city? Shouldn’t a candidate run on his own merits?” said Allie in a press release.

“I believe people have the right to know what politicians and their government are doing, and have their voices heard. I have supported resident’s efforts advocating on their own behalf, whether it is quality of life issues in their neighborhood, educating their children, bringing the Center for Disease Control to Westfield to conduct blood test for PFAS and PFOS exposure, or receiving the services their tax dollars have paid for,” he said.

“As a City Councilor, I have listened to residents. For seven years, I have had the privilege to get to know and build relationships with many people while working to inform and engage voters on important issues, such as restoring Local Aid, increasing funding on roads, ending Common Core and PARCC testing, repealing Automatic Gas Tax Hikes or deciding whether to extend the term of Mayor to four years,” Allie said. “I worked with other councilors to protect residents and small businesses from excessive spending, taxes and regulations, fees and fines. It is because I care about the people of Westfield that I have worked so hard for years, informing and engaging voters on important issues and ballot questions.

“That is the reason I have been one of the top vote getters in four non-partisan citywide elections. Together, we have had a fair amount of success. I will continue to fight for the citizens of Westfield and their concerns.”

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