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ArtWorks hosts online mask art contest

WESTFIELD – Wearing masks is becoming a necessary normal for most people, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be whimisical or expressive.

Many people are wearing masks made from interesting fabrics – even some with smiles printed on them. To showcase mask creativity, ArtWorks Westfield is hosting an online art mask exhibit and contest as a fun way to reflect on the current times.

“The Covid Mask Art Show came about as the result of seeing all of the beautiful mask art that is being generated by folks nationwide,” said ArtWorks Board member Shannon Chiba.  “We are seeing posts on social media of some real creativity.”

ArtWorks continues to encourage people to create during the pandemic but with so many people home, art supplies available locally and even online have been scarce.

“Some of our local artists lamented that they did not have access to canvas, but we do have access to masks,” Chiba said. “Many stores now carry them at checkout counters, and we can buy them in bulk. During an ArtWorks board member monthly meeting, the idea was generated and we ran with it. We feel it is a great way to engage the community.”

Participating in the online exhibit and contest is simple, just submit a photo of your decorated Covid in the comments of the ArtWorks Westfield Facebook page post. The three mask submissions with the most likes will receive a free membership to ArtWorks of Westfield and a large bottle of hand sanitizer shipped to them.

“Decorate your mask, post a photo of it in the comments – and perhaps you wearing it, and be sure to share for likes! Masks do not have to be functional, but that’s a bonus,” states the contest post.

There are no categories.

“The masks can be funny, realist, abstract, sewn – anything goes! The masks do not have to be wearable or functional, but if folks want to wear them and snap a photo, that will earn them more ‘likes,’ and thus, more points,” Chiba said.

Masks will be rated/scored by the community in the form of likes on the Artworks Facebook page. The contest and online exhibit is open to all ages. All that is needed is to create a mask, snap a photo of it, find the ArtWorks Covid Mask Art Show post and upload a photo.

“This is a great way to have fun and engage our community online –show us what you’ve got!” said Chiba. “Seriously, anything goes. Winners will receive an ArtWorks membership that gives them free entry into all of our shows and events.”

Chiba said membership connects folks to ArtWorks’ vast pool of fellow artists that are invited to participate in a variety of unique experiences.

“We hope to see some cool mask art,” said Chiba.

The contest ends Aug. 30

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