Athenaeum launches online tutoring program for all ages

WESTFIELD-Brainfuse HelpNow – an on-demand eLearning program for all ages and levels – became accessible recently for patrons of the Westfield Athenaeum.

“We chose this service because we wanted to provide help to students, parents, and teachers during this difficult school year,” said Olivia Eberli, head of youth services and young adult librarian. “Many parents over the last year have had to become teachers when they do not have those skills or resources. Hopefully this resource will help them.”

Olivia Eberli, head of youth services and young adult librarian at the Westfield Athenaeum, encourages students of all ages to use a new service – Brainfuse HelpNow – that offers live tutors to help with homework problems. (SUBMITTED PHOTO)

Eberli noted that many area students might need tutors in the coming months to catch up on their studies.

“Not everyone can afford that and hopefully students will turn to us,” said Eberli. “We also believe in the Brainfuse mission that no student should struggle and everyone deserves help. This aligns with our belief and mission to serve everyone.”

Eberli said Brainfuse serves a diversified client base of libraries, school districts, colleges and universities, using real-time tutoring from instructors via a proprietary online classroom.

“Everyone learns differently and Brainfuse provides a lot of options for students,” said Eberli. “Students can receive live tutoring help or send in a question if they don’t want to or can’t talk to someone.”

Brainfuse study tools include flashcards and skill tests, and students can receive targeted lesson plans specific to that student and their needs. Students communicate with tutors using an interactive whiteboard to chat, write, draw, copy/paste text or images and graph homework problems.

“Brianfuse also has an Adult Learning Center where adults can access HI-SET and GED preparation, U.S. citizenship help, resume assistance, and more,” said Eberli, adding that Brainfuse is also ADA compliant.

“Everything provided by Brainfuse is available in Spanish including the live tutor help,” she said.

While Eberli notes it is a good practice for parents to supervise their young children on the internet, she said parents can feel confident with their child working with a Brainfuse tutor.

“The tutors have to go through a rigorous process and background checks to work for Brainfuse,” said Eberli. “They all have prior experience in teaching or tutoring and must have a four-year degree. They are also often subject matter experts.”

The live tutor help allows students to ask questions and receive assistance immediately, or if they need an in-depth explanation, the tutor can also help.

Tutors are available daily from 2 – 11 p.m., or students may submit a question that will be answered within 24 hours.

“Brainfuse has been providing online live tutoring services since 1999,” said Eberli. “They have had over 20 years of experience providing this service to libraries and various learning institutions of all sizes.”

Eberli added that Brainfuse’s study and education materials are aligned with the Common Core assuring that information is meeting the state’s standards.

“There is no age restriction,” said Eberli. “There is help for students all the way through college and beyond. The Adult Learning Center is a great place for adults to brush up on computer skills or get help with a resume.”

Brainfuse also has practice standardized tests for nursing school, grad school, and more.

“Brainfuse also provides live FAFSA help,” said Eberli, adding, “the live tutor covers college level topics as well.”

To access Brainfuse HelpNow™, visit the Athenaeum’s website at

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