Bid awarded for new pumper truck

SOUTHWICK – The Southwick Fire Chief Russ Anderson announced last week that Alexis Fire Equipment of Alexis, Illinois was awarded the bid for a new fire pumper truck. Alexis Fire Apparatus submitted the lowest bid to build the fire pumper truck for $302,065.

According to Anderson, a pumper truck typically lasts 20 to 25 years and the department’s current truck is showing it’s age with signs of wear and rust along with having major work done on it the past five years.

The new pumper truck is mid-sized and a little smaller than the current vehicle. Despite that, Anderson believes it will have the versatility to go down long and remote driveways and other harder to reach locations. The truck also features a tank to hold 600 gallons of water.

“It’s designed to assist us with maneuverability around the (Congamond) lake,” said Anderson.

Often referred to as an engine truck, a pumper truck is a basic fire-attack vehicle that is known for fire suppression and is one of the main vehicles that a fire department responds with.

The purchase of a new fire pumper truck has been made possible due to a warrant article that was passed at the annual town meeting in May of 2018 in which voting residents voted to allow the purchase of the truck.

The $302,065 cost of the vehicle will be paid by the town through bonding. Karl Stinehart, the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Southwick, said that the bond will be a 12-year note.

Anderson added that it is expected to take anywhere from 270 to 365 days for the Southwick Fire Department to receive the new pumper truck.


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