Business expansion underway

WESTFIELD – Construction work has started on a project to expand the Mobil gas station and convenience store at the intersection of Elm and Franklin streets.
The Lehigh Gas Corporation secured approval from the city’s Planning Board in July of last year to increase the size of the convenience store from the existing 924 square feet to 1771 square feet.
An earlier proposal which had included plans to remove the existing car wash and add a drive-through window to the existing Dunkin Donuts outlet located in the store was shelved after the Zoning Board of Appeals raised concerns that the additional traffic generated by the drive-through window feature would exacerbate the congestion already existing at the major intersection.
In the C.O.R. E. district of the city, drive-through options are allowed only for banks and drug stores.
In order to minimize the impact on traffic, all vehicles leaving the renovated business will be required to turn right on to Elm Street.
The plan which was approved calls for the removal of the gas pumps on the north side of the store to allow for the expansion of the convenience store element of the business.
Gas pumps have been removed and work has begun on the existing canopy of the gas station which will remain closed during construction.

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