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Detectives seek video related to homicide

WESTFIELD – The Westfield Police Detective Bureau is seeking video footage related to the homicide at Stanley Park last week.

The Bureau’s Facebook page Tuesday requested anyone on the streets highlighted in a posted map with video footage of the street or sidewalk to contact Westfield Police.

They are looking for video from the afternoon of Sept. 18-19. The streets they highlighted include the Kensington Avenue area, Western Avenue, Court Street, and from Washington Street to King, Hubbard and Franklin streets and in the blocks surrounding Westfield Technical Academy and Grandmother’s Garden.

The streets in question are highlighted in red on the map.

Westfield resident Vadym Misiruk, 19, is accused of murdering Nazar Tkach, 17, of Southwick. Tkach’s body was discovered Sept. 19 in the wooded area of Stanley Park by Kensington Avenue. Misiruk pleaded not guilty in Westfield District Court Sept. 20 and is scheduled to appear in court again Oct. 4.

Anyone with footage from that time period is asked to save whatever they have and contact the Detective Bureau at 572-6400. Detectives are also asking that anyone with any other information about this incident contact the Bureau.

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