Granville Police investigating Wednesday afternoon break-in

GRANVILLE – The Granville Police Department received a report of a break-in on Wednesday afternoon at a residence on South Lane.

The homeowner called the police when she came home and saw that her Amazon packages were missing from her porch and then discovered that her home looked like it was broken into with multiple items stolen.

Granville Police Department. (WNG File Photo)

According to Granville Lt. Rick Rindels, this is an on-going investigation as they can’t comment on what was exactly stolen from the inside the home.

The police department did receive a report from an individual that there was a suspicious red jeep with a black top that was driving around the area of the break-in right around the same time. However, Rindels said they have no knowledge at this time if the jeep is connected to the crime.

The hope is that by the police department continuing to announce crimes in town on social media that it could potentially help with investigations.

“We try to inform the residents as much as we can,” said Rindels.

Rindels added during the holiday season, it can be a perfect time for thieves to steal packages from homes and try to break in when people are away. Granville Police is encouraging residents to lock their vehicles, their house, and have a neighbor keep an eye out on the packages that they may have being delivered.

“We just want them to be a little extra careful this time of year,” said Rindels.

Earlier this month the Southwick Police Department had received multiple reports of residents having packages stolen from their porch or front steps.

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