Letter to the Editor: In support of Old Dominion

To the Editor,

My name is Bill Lawry, Sr. and I live on Western Ave and I support Old Dominion’s application. When our family moved to Westfield in 1954, I remember the real estate agent saying to my parents that we need to purchase a home south of the Mass Pike since north of the Pike was for business. This is why they purchased a home on Granville Road and I have lived south of the Pike ever since.

 Years later this was emphasized again as regional economic boards pushed developers to build on the north side of Westfield; that was the plan for Westfield since they had a Pike exit and plenty of land.  This is why we have distribution centers in that area. Over the years, this concept has gotten lost.  If you do not like planes or trucks, do not buy a home near the airport or the Mass Pike. Old Dominion wants to build in an industrial zone that has industry all round. The only reason to object to this application is for the ” not in my back yard” belief. 

Old Dominion is a first rate company that is highly respected in the logistics field.  This type of business is what Westfield needs to help support our tax base. They will create jobs, pay taxes, and have spin-off opportunities for other businesses in Westfield.  Don’t let this be another Yellow Freight System that left our city with 58 high paying jobs for a central Mass. town that offered a more competitive real estate tax rate – about 1/3 of Westfield’s rate.   We do needs trucks – remember everything in your house was eventually delivered by truck.  

Old Dominion is a good fit for the baseball city of Westfield and since they are the Official Freight Carrier for Major League Baseball, I hope we do not drop the ball on them and this opportunity.


Bill Lawry, Sr.


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