Lighting equipment stolen from Old Burying Ground

A similar design to the Chauvet SlimPar56.

WESTFIELD- Several pieces of lighting equipment were stolen from the Old Burying Ground on Mechanic Street Saturday evening after the final Ghost Tours of the year had wrapped up.

Jay Pagluica of WSKB radio was volunteering his time and equipment to the Ghost Tours on Friday and Saturday. He had been using some of his multicolored lights and a fog machine as part of the historical tours. When he went to gather his things during the cleanup, he realized it had been stolen.

Pagluica said that he does not care who took it, he only wants his equipment back.

“The best I could hope for is that they show up at the door of the police station, no questions asked,” said Pagluica. “I don’t want this to be a pity party. It’s not about me.”

Historical Commission chair and Ghost Tour organizer Cindy Gaylord said that she felt discouraged by the theft. 

“Jay donates all of his time and equipment to this for the good of the community and now this happens,” said Gaylord.

WSKB’s Jay Pagluica.

Pagluica said that he does not want this act to discourage others from volunteering their time and effort for the city. If the eight lights, the fog machine and the cables are dropped off at the police station, the matter would not be pursued any further.

The lights consisted of Two Chauvet ColorDash Battens and six Chauvet  SlimPar56 lights that likely have writing with grey marker or on tape indicating DMX address. The fog machine is a Martin Rush SM650 Fogger.

Pagluica estimates that they were taken sometime after 10 p.m. Saturday.

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