Lock Boxes Can Save Lives

Rotarian Robert Goyette installs a lock box on house (Photo submitted)

WESTFIELD – An important question that Retire the Fire! coordinators are asking the City’s older adults is, “Can you be found in an emergency?”  It is not unusual for older adults to require the services of firefighters, paramedics, or police officers.  The faster that emergency personnel can get to the scene, the more likely that a life can be saved or a disaster averted.  But what if emergency personnel can’t get into the victim’s house easily?

The Westfield Rotary Club in cooperation with the Westfield Senior Center, Westfield Fire and Police Departments is installing lock boxes on certain residences.  This box holds a key for easy entry into the senior’s home as well as other pertinent information to help speed up and facilitate the First Responders as they arrive.  These boxes as well as easily visible house numbers speed the response time.

If a 9-1-1 call is made, first responders need to have vital information about the person in need, prior to arriving on the scene.  It is helpful for first responders to know ahead of time if the person in distress has hearing, visual, mobility, or cognitive limitations as well as information about gate or key access, lock box location, or potential on site hazards.  For more information please contact the Westfield Senior Center at 413-562-6435

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