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Mayor reflects on the city’s 350th birthday

During the past four years I have mentioned many times what an honor it is to be the Mayor of
the City of Westfield. In this position, I am allowed to give speeches to graduating classes,
dedicated workers, area business groups, and countless numbers of hard working volunteers
that make this City what it is. All of these events and countless more are enhanced because of
one recurring theme. The community of Westfield is passionate about our history and our
future. This was never more evident than in the last six months from all the events that were
centered around and led up to our 350th birthday celebration.
What started as simple ideas blossomed into a series of historical and celebratory functions
from the First Night on December 31st culminating to a grandiose parade through the streets of
Westfield on May 19th. These events were the success of a large group of volunteers managed
by Harry Rock, centralized around fun, family, and education. The lectures, fireworks, contests,
theatric performances, and especially the parade were all successful based on the involvement
of the entire community. Westfield is extremely rich with talented artists, musicians, actors,
and civic leaders. This was evident to all based on the participation and involvement
throughout the year leading up to the parade.
Our celebration hit new heights when we included the Town of Westfield, England. A
friendship started with a town half way across the world. A bond was made that will forever be
in written in history.
Westfield is lucky to be able to celebrate our heritage and our history which includes: whip
manufacturing, bicycle makers, early industrial settlements, a university, a community hospital,
a railroad, an airport, and many, many diverse cultures. While celebrating the City’s 350th
birthday, we also left memories and artifacts for coming generations to enjoy and to remain
keepsakes for years to come. This includes a time capsule full of present day treasures, murals,
and artwork throughout the City.
History was revisited, an incredible birthday cake was lit, events were documented, and many
photographs were taken to capture our 350 years of being the City of Westfield.
Finally, my personal enjoyment of the many events culminating in the parade and classic
fireworks display came from seeing the enjoyment of the children, adults, and senior citizens.
The community as a whole took advantage of the many fine things that Westfield represents.
While I led the parade down Western Avenue through Court Street the one common theme
that abounded throughout the crowds was the sheer appreciation of where we’ve been, where
we are now, and where we are headed. Once again, the honor of being Mayor in such a
community we all call home is the most gratifying of all jobs.
Thank you, Westfield for who you are. Happy 350th Birthday to you all.

Mayor Brian P.Sullivan

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