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Morning news and a cup of Joe


Good morning!

Being able to say that is a first for us at The Westfield News. This newspaper has traditionally been an afternoon or evening newspaper and beginning today, we are now delivered in the morning.

It’s a new era for us, one that may take some adjustment, but we hope will be a welcome part of your morning routine. After all, morning coffee and the local news traditionally go hand-in-hand.

Growing up we had three newspapers delivered every day to our house. We received the New York Daily News, The Springfield Union-News and The Westfield Evening News; two morning papers and one evening paper. My grandfather would read at least one of the morning papers at home with his coffee and take the other to work, then read the evening paper before or after dinner (usually with a beer after 5 p.m.). And in case you’re wondering why the Daily News, my family is from New York and wanted to keep on top of things “at home.”

Having more than one newspaper in the house was normal, and each paper literally brought something different to the table. We hope you will find that holds true today as we begin morning delivery along with The Republican.

Every Westfield News subscriber will now receive The Republican, and vice versa. The Republican will offer its quality coverage of regional and national news, and we will continue to bring you the local news of Westfield, Southwick and the HIlltowns that you often can’t find from any other media source.

We have reduced the regional and national news and we are concentrating on the local stories that are most important to you. Our goal is to deliver the news you need with your cup of Joe, so please let us know what you want to read about. Do you want more or less municipal coverage? Do you want more stories about people doing interesting things? Do you want more business stories, entertainment or restaurant reviews? Tell us! We want you to be invested and engaged in your community newspaper, so send me a note at [email protected]

And in case you’re wondering, I only drink iced coffee.


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