Only better.


Did you see it yet? And, by “it,” I mean The Original Pennysaver. Only better. (I have decided that’s my tagline for it. It may or may not stick, but I’m going to run with it despite not being a branding guru). I say it because it’s true. It is better.

It’s better for the communities we serve – our readers and our advertisers. The Original Pennysaver (Only better) now has byline stories that are unique to the Pennysaver. It’s an additional source for local news for residents in Westfield, Southwick and the Hilltowns. And it’s sent to more homes, but in fewer towns. The Pennysaver used to be sent to our neighbors in Connecticut, Holyoke, Chicopee, Agawam and more. But now it is concentrated in the communities being best served by its content.

Our General Manager Fran Smith likes to say, “we gave it a hug!” And yes, he says this every time while holding out his arms in an imaginary hug. For real. Every time. He does this to show that we are figuratively putting our arms around those communities. We’re tightening it up. Closing our circle of trust a bit, so to speak. This allows us to bring you more of what you want, which includes those stories plus all the events listing you expect.

A throwback photo of my three children at Nestrovich Fruit Farm in Granville taken several years ago.

And truth be told, I’m kind of excited about learning more about some of the communities in the Hilltowns that we serve through the Pennysaver. I know a bit about Russell, particularly its strong Mennonite community that contributes so much. And, I’m a big fan of the Russell Inn, of course. The Huntington General Store is my go-to for spices and unique trinkets. I bought the best compilation car-ride CD ever there years ago, aptly titled “Road Trip.” I’m also no stranger to Granville. Growing up on upper Granville Road in Westfield, it was a tradition to go to Nestrovich Fruit Farm and I am happy to bring my children there today.

I admit I don’t know as much about some of the other Hilltowns. I’ve driven through them all and have friends that live in Otis, Huntington, Chester, etc. but I don’t know enough about the people there. That is something I hope we bring to you (and me) through stories in The Original Pennysaver. Only better.

If you have a great story we can tell from the Hilltowns, send me a note at [email protected].

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