Shia sacks ‘The Putz’

Congratulations Alan Shia! You are the latest winner in our Beat The Putz pro football contest.
Shia went 11-1 this week, slipping past another 11-win entrant with 46 tiebreaker points.
Shia takes home a gift certificate to The Tavern Restaurant, and joins 16 other lucky winners (actually make that 14 as we had no one beat yours truly twice this season) in a grand prize drawing for a flat screen-television, courtesy of Manny’s TV & Appliances, at season’s end.
As for this week, the New England Patriots (7-2) return to action against the Oakland Raiders (4-5) in a showdown in Mexico City.
!Buena suerte!
Two 7-2 teams, the Los Angeles Rams and Minnesota Vikings (yes you read the correctly) battle for the upper hand as the second best team in the National Football Conference. The top team, Philadelphia (8-1) hosts the Dallas Cowboys (5-4) in our Sunday night tiebreaker.

Week 1 winner – James Vincent (Southwick)
Week 2 winner – Vicki White (Westfield)
Week 3 winner – Gary Francis (Westfield)
Week 4 winner – Ruth Darling (Westfield)
Week 5 winner – none
Week 6 winner – Shell Faunce (Westfield)
Week 7 winner – Larry S. White (Westfield)
Week 8 winner – none
Week 9 winner – Dick Witherell (Westfield)
Week 10 winner – Alan Shia (Westfield)

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