Southwick DPW director says call with water bill concerns

SOUTHWICK – Residents with concerns about water bills should contact the Department of Public Works.

DPW Director Randy Brown acknowledged that some residents have complained that their recent bill was significantly higher than past bills, however, there have been no changes to the meter system.

“We’ve had this system for three years now,” said Brown. “If people have an issue, they should call the DPW and we can walk them through their bills.”

Brown said water usage across the town rose significantly over the summer.

“Town-wide, usage increased 27% over last summer,” he said.

The increase could be chalked up to more residents being home more due to the pandemic.

Brown and Select Board Chairman Douglas Moglin discussed the bills and are exploring ways to provide more information to residents regarding their water use.

“We are looking into programs that are compatible with our meter system that would give residents access to see their water usage online,” said Brown. “We don’t have any commitments, but we are looking at how that could work.”

Moglin said the system used for water metering collects a lot of data that could be shared with residents.


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