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Southwick transfer station fees to increase

SOUTHWICK – Residents will pay a higher price for transfer station stickers beginning July 1.

The Select Board unanimously approved a $15 increase to the general sticker price and $15 to the senior citizen sticker price. The new stickers will cost $135 and $75, respectively.

Department of Public Works Director Randy Brown presented a cost analysis showing that historically the fees do not cover expenses and the gap has increased over the last year.

Residents keep distance between them at the Southwick Transfer Station in 2020. (HOPE E. TREMBLAY/THE WESTFIELD NEWS)

The new contracts for trash and recycling with increased costs to the town kicked in last year, and the transfer station was used more than usual.

“With COVID, we saw a surge of materials being brought in,” said Brown.

Brown said the town has always contributed to the transfer station budget from the general fun, but with a dramatic increase, he wondered how much the town would contribute.

Select Board Chair Douglas Moglin asked Brown about recent fee increases. Brown said the fee has gone up for the last two years, starting at $100, then increasing to $110 in 2019 and $120 in 2020. The senior rate for residents age 60 and older also increased about 10 percent to the current rate of $60.

“I propose we increase the fee to $135 and to $75 for seniors,” said Select Board member Russell Fox.

The board approved the rate increase effective July 1, the start of the new fiscal year. Southwick does not offer curbside trash and recycling pickup.





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