To the Editor

Hello Westfield, especially, Ward 3, Emily Swanson, Legislative Aide to Representative John Velis, e-mailed me today; that my request for POW legislation is will be heard this coming week for consideration.  I am most proud to have recommended this, and to know that it is the process has helped me to overcome my malaise.  From what I know it has not been introduced in the Senate.  I am going to contact old friends in the Senate to see that that happens.  Remembering and valuing those that were POW’s is most important to me.  While at HCC, I started a vet’s to facilitate claims by Vets, especially women Vets as there was little for them locally.  But, with the help of then Cong. Conte, we were able to do that.  As well, working sate wide with other colleges’ Vet orgs.  We were able to improve Viet Nam Vet benefits.  As said, because the rude and malicious insults re: Sen. John McCain regarding his being a POW, I was inscented to respond.  A moral obligation, for when you attack a vet for having been captured and having suffered every indignity, physical, and psychological.  Then to be referred to, that way, insults all.  I don’t know what he thinks being an American is all about.  Maybe it was affluenza to blame.  I will keep you posted as this progresses.  This is not for me, this is for who and why I am, to help others, as I have done most of my life, and to stand up for moral principles.  I realize that they are not that important any more, but for me they are an imperative.  So as not to disrespect Mass., veterans who were POW’s, I still want it to be a message that even though I never voted for John McCain, I still valued him as a man of integrity and honor, who sacrificed a lot for OUR country; and while not from Mass., has EARNED having his name attached to this.  And, symbolically to use his date of release from captivity; March 14th, to be that Day of Remembrance.

Lastly, I am still getting cards, and e-mails by those who share my experience, and especially those who knew Ollie.  They have been very emotionally moving, and want again, to thank you all.  And, yes, I will continue my editorials as long as Mr. Berry permits.  And, for that I want to again thank him for caring as well.  For when you get old you still need a sense of value that comes for a positive purpose.  He, and you are keeping me going.  Thanks, Your former, Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose…[email protected]

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