Tractor trailer accident in Granville

GRANVILLE – According to a report from the Granville Fire Department,  a tractor trailer accident occurred on Route 57, near Wendy’s Road Wednesday evening.

A tractor trailer slid into a tree on Rt. 57 in Granville on Wednesday night. (Photo courtesy of Granville Police Department)

Granville Police Department Lt. Rick Rindels, reported the driver of the tractor trailer was traveling down a steep hill around a curve and lost control of the vehicle, sliding into a tree. The operator of the tractor trailer was not injured, police said. Rindels added that the accident was due to the icy conditions on the road.
Because the tractor trailer was half off the road and stuck between some trees,  that section of Route 57 from Barnard Road to North Lane was expected to be closed for several hours.
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