Velis completes 2019 with perfect voting attendance

State Rep. John C. Velis

BOSTON – State Rep. John C. Velis, D-Westfield, has completed 2019 without missing a vote in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

“My job as representative of the people of Westfield is to make sure the issues of all our constituents are heard in Boston and we get our slice of the pie just as much as the eastern side of the state,” Velis said. “My constituents elected me with the expectation that I would have their back by showing up to vote and fight for them on issues that have such a large impact on their lives.”

In 2019, the legislature worked on a number of vitally important bills that would shape the future of Massachusetts such as education and campaign finance reform. With every bill, Velis made sure he heard from as many voices as possible before casting his vote.

“In representing a politically diverse Western Mass. community like Westfield, it was my job to make sure everyone felt represented in the legislature,” Velis said. “I continued to be a leader for bi-partisanship by listening to my fellow colleagues on the other side of the aisle – both in my community and in Boston – as there were too many votes we took that required us to listen to the opposing side for a different perspective. I have always put my constituents’ needs first to make sure they are receiving the representation they deserve. I am here for the people, not to score political points.”

The Massachusetts legislature is in recess and will reconvene this week for the second session of the 191st General Court.

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