Water balloon assault alleged

WESTFIELD – A 17-year-old city boy is facing an assault charge after he allegedly pelted his former girlfriend with water balloons.
Police report that a Plantation Circle resident came to the station at 7:36 p.m. Wednesday to report a disturbance.
The young woman told Officer Scott Phelon that she had been at Stanley Park and there she encountered her former boyfriend who threw water balloons at her.
Phelon reports that he called the suspect but the 17-year-old boy handed the phone to his father who refused to allow police to speak with his son.
With only the victim’s account of the events available to the officer, Phelon filed a criminal complaint against the boy alleging assault and battery in domestic relationship.
Thus the boy, who did not account for himself to police, will be summoned to court where he will have an opportunity to explain himself to a judge while he gets a hands-on lesson about American jurisprudence.

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