Westfield High to host unusual fundraiser to benefit school band

WESTFIELD- Westfield High School will be the host of an unusual fundraising drive Feb. 1 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the school cafeteria to raise money for the band. 

The fundraiser will not be selling food, coffee, or cookies, but rather, mattresses. The first ever WHS mattress drive will give people the opportunity to purchase a new mattress while benefiting the WHS band. 

“A representative of Custom Fundraising Solutions approached me about doing this fundraiser,” said WHS Band Parents Association Fundraising Coordinator Angela Peloquin, “We have done coffe, candles, pie, and candy, but never mattresses.”

Peloquin said that the CFS company helps to run these kinds of fundraisers all the time, and that it is typically to benefit school bands, which can be expensive to fund for both the school and the band members themselves.

“We find that the band kids are pretty enthusiastic,” said Peloquin. 

The mattresses that will be available for purchase in the fundraiser will be from most of the brands that one may be familiar with when they enter their local mattress store. The difference, however, is that there will be no “middleman”, as the mattresses are purchased directly from the manufacturer rather than a store. 

There will be more than 25 different styles of mattress with the sizes ranging from twin to king and California king. 

Each mattress will be brand new and will come with the full factory warranty. Delivery options will also be made available, as many people do not have vehicles that would be able to transport a large mattress.

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