WHS receives donation for Track Records board

Former Westfield High School boys track and field star Gabe Piepergerdes begins this high jump at the 2017 Central-West Division 1 outdoor track and field championships at Holyoke High School’s Roberts Field. The Bombers’ historical achievements will shine brighter than ever now thanks to a recent donation. (THE WESTFIELD NEWS FILE PHOTO)

WESTFIELD – The Westfield High School track team will now be able to post winning records, thanks to a generous donation from R. Levesque Associates for a Track Records board.
Ryan Dunphy, athletic director, said the 5 x 7 records board will be for indoor and outdoor track and cross country, and post the record names and times for the 50 meter and 100 meter dash, and 4 by 100 meter relay, for example.
“We’re still in the process of getting school records, going back as far as we can,” Dunphy said, thanking R. Levesque Assoc. for graciously donating the gift. Dunphy said most of the records will come from the Track Center that all of Western Mass uses.
“I think establishing this is the most important thing, and then we can do from there. We’ll be able to update it as the records get broken,” Dunphy said.
Rob Levesque said he had been approached by City Councilor Brent Bean and Dunphy to donate the board. “We love Westfield High School and high school sports,” Levesque said, adding that he was an “old, old, old” former member of the team.
“I was most inspired to do it by Brent Bean’s daughter’s speed on the soccer team. She’s a sprinter, and a really impressive athlete. It’s just fun. We get asked to do a lot of different things; this will be there,” Levesque said.
He also said he was at the game when Olivia Hadla scored her 1,000 point, joining Jim Jachym and Chief Regan. “This is the same concept, but for track,” Levesque said.
School Committee vice chair Tim O’Connor announced the donation of $3,500 at the Feb. 3 meeting.
“We have generous business donors in the city of Westfield that support not only athletics but other programs. This is another example of generosity of a local business person towards WHS and the athletic program,” O’Connor said.
“As a School Committee, we’re not often able to provide updates across all different schools and program. When a gift like this does come in, it’s appreciated and it goes a long way,” he added.
“It’s so important that our businesses and residents find some area of our city, whether schools or other departments, and do whatever they can to support our students, seniors, open space,” said Mayor Donald F. Humason, Jr., adding, “We welcome any support from any resident or business in the City of Westfield, no matter how big or small, it’s always appreciated.”

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