Zielinski tackles ‘The Putz’

My chief statistician Melissa Hartmann was ever too gracious to point out this week that 88 percent of all of our “Beat ‘The Putz’” entrants managed to beat me “harder than a Gronk pile-drive.”
Well said, Melissa.
With that out of the way, I slogged my way to an 8-6 record. Linda Zielinski, of Westfield, on the other hand, went 13-1 to win a gift certificate to The Tavern Restaurant and a chance at our grand prize, a flat-screen television from Manny’s TV & Appliances.
While the Gronk-less Pats are off until Monday night, there are still some highly intriguing contests, such as Minnesota (10-2) at Carolina (8-4), Philadelphia (10-2) at the Los Angeles Rams (9-3), and Seattle (8-4) at Jacksonville (8-4).
Our Sunday night tiebreaker features the Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2).
Good luck! – CAP

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