Game Over: ‘Sadface’

A memo from my chief statistician, Melissa A. Hartman reads: “And so, the contest comes to a close. Sadface.”
It is true that our “Beat The Putz” pro football contest has come to an end for the 2017-18 regular season. (John Pellan, of Westfield won Week 17 with a 12-4 record and 58 tiebreaker points)
But fear not football fans, the playoffs are set to begin. Much excitement still lies ahead.
I went .500 in the final week of the regular season with an 8-8 record, finishing the season-long campaign 140-81.
Congratulations to all of our weekly winners who claimed a gift certificate to The Tavern Restaurant. Each one of our 15 weekly winners will now be entered into a random drawing for our grand prize, a flat-screen television, courtesy of Manny’s TV & Appliances.
The winner will be announced in the coming days.

Here is a complete final listing of all of our “Beat ‘The Putz’” contest winners for the current NFL season:

Week 1 – James Vincent (Southwick)
Week 2 – Vicki White (Westfield)
Week 3 – Gary Francis (Westfield)
Week 4 – Ruth Darling (Westfield)
Week 5 – none
Week 6 – Shell Faunce (Westfield)
Week 7 – Larry S. White (Westfield)
Week 8 – none
Week 9 – Dick Witherell (Westfield)
Week 10 – Alan Shia (Westfield)
Week 11 – Stephen Sabadosa (Westfield)
Week 12 – Jody Daly (Westfield)
Week 13 – Linda Zielinski (Westfield)
Week 14 – Dick Witherell (Westfield)
Week 15 – Jack Pelli (Westfield)
Week 16 – Vicki White (Westfield)
Week 17 – John Pellan (Westfield)

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