Mail order marijuana seized

Westfield Police Detective Brian Freeman insects one of five plastic wrapped one-pound packages of marijuana found in a box which was seized during the arrest of a city man Friday afternoon. The fireworks in the foreground were found in the suspect’s vehicle when he was taken into custody. (Photo by Carl E. Hartdegen)

WESTFIELD – A city man was arrested on narcotics charges Friday afternoon minutes after he accepted delivery of a box containing five pounds of marijuana from a postal inspector on King Street.
Det. Timothy Grady reports that he was advised by Postal Inspector Richard Tracy that he had identified a suspicious package believed to contain marijuana bound for a King Street address.
Grady mobilized the officers available and, when Tracy went out to deliver the package on Friday afternoon, officers were posted to ensure that, no matter which way the suspect went with the package, officers would be nearby.
On hand for the delivery were Det., Lt. David Ragazzini, detectives Roxanne Bradley, Todd Edwards, Brian Fanion, Brian Freeman and Anthony Tsatsos along with community policing officers Sgt. Stephan Dickinson and Mark Carboneau. In addition, Lt. David Ricardi and Sgt. Robert Landis, from the Southwick Police Department and the Hampden County Drug Task Force, and an officer from Immigration and Customs Enforcement were also deployed around the King Street address where Tracy delivered the package.
Grady reports that the suspect, Michel R. Michon, 20, who later gave his address as 49 King St., was at the 59 King St. address where the package was addressed and took delivery from Tracy.
Grady reports that Michon put the box in the bed of his pickup truck and lingered in the area talking on his cell phone although he did not enter the residence.
When he drove away, the officers swooped in on him and he was taken into custody without incident.
When he as taken into custody, a large number of fireworks were found in the vehicle, which was towed to, the police impound yard.
The box was found to contain five sealed plastic packages which each contained a pound of marijuana.
Michon was arrested for possession of a Class D drug with intent to distribute and for unlawful possession of fireworks.
Because the delivery address was near the YMCA of Westfield, which includes a pre-school program, Michon was also charged with a drug violation near a school or park.
He is expected to be arraigned today in Westfield District Court.

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