Newly-elected City Councilors thank constituents



WESTFIELD – Newly elected city councilors expressed their thanks to voters and reflected on the election and the future.Twenty-four hours after election day, newly-elected city councilors were asked if they had any comments to share with The Westfield News readership, and we heard back from the following councilors by our deadline.
“I am overwhelmed by the support across the City. Westfield is a great place to live and I am very proud to be one of its City Councilors,” said At-large Councilor Brent B. Bean, II, who received the most votes in his category.
“The devaluing of city employees and Westfield in general needs to stop. The angry attacks on social media has zero purpose in making Westfield a great community,” Bean said, adding the following statement about his priorities for the next term, “One of my top priorities is to build a new high school and upgrade and maintain our athletic facilities; and to attract businesses to the area and streamline the permitting process, so that we reduce the tax burden and create jobs for the residents of Westfield.”
At-large Councilor Dan Allie, who came in next for at-large, thanked the voters.
“Thank you to all the candidates who ran, and everyone who came out to vote and made their voices heard. With so many strong candidates running for At Large City Council, I am grateful to the people of Westfield for giving me their support with 48% of the vote.
“Thank you for the opportunity to continue fighting to control spending and tax increases. I will continue to push for spending tax dollars on their intended purpose such as fixing roads and infrastructure, provide greater transparency and clean, safe water for the residents of Westfield.
“Westfield is blessed to have so many special people who call this town their home. It has been my pleasure to meet many of you, and an honor to be your City Councilor and listen to your thoughts and concerns. Your Voice Matters. I look forward to working with the new Council and I hope that the residents will continue to come before the Council and advocate on behalf of important issues,” Allie wrote.
Returning to the City Council for the first time since 1993, following which he served as Mayor for 14 years, Richard K. Sullivan Jr. expressed his appreciation. “I am honored by the support that the voters gave me and humbled by the responsibility they have entrusted me with to serve our community. Westfield is a tremendous community and I know that working together we can make Westfield an even better place to live, work and raise (a) family,” Sullivan said.
“Congratulations to the elected,” wrote At-large Councilor Dave Flaherty. “I think we all owe thanks to everyone who ran for office and who worked so hard over the past several months. Our system of representative government only works when people stand up and offer to serve. Big thanks to those who volunteered time and talent, or who donated funds to help their favorite candidate(s).”
Reflecting on the outcome, Flaherty added, “We’re losing a couple of experienced hard-working members of the City Council. I’d like to thank all of them for their efforts on behalf of the residents, businesses, and taxpayers. I hope the new City Council can work together to set appropriate priorities, fulfill our role in a checks-and-balances system, and honestly and expertly address the challenges we face in the coming years.”
Newly elected Ward 1 Councilor Nicholas J. Morganelli, Jr., previously an at-large councilor, thanked his family and supporters, and also mentioned the councilors who will not be returning.
“To my wife Jeanne and four children and all those who assisted with my campaign through attending an event, holding a sign at a standout, showing support on election day, donating financially, giving a thumbs up or positive comment, and praying for me, I am very grateful. Thank you!
“I respect the hard work Councilor Babinski has done with ward 1. It showed at the polls with my narrow and humbling win no doubt due to the relationships she has formed over her terms in office. I look forward to continuing her good work, but in addition I will strongly advocate for a second source of water, smart business planning that brings good stewards to our community who are environmentally conscious, and fiscal responsibility.
“Lastly, I am disappointed I will not be serving the next two years with councilors Emmershy and Surprise. I know from experience that this is a loss to the city and hope they consider running in the future,” Morganelli said.
“I am very pleased with the turnout of voters. It is encouraging to see so many engaged in their civic responsibility,” said returning Ward 2 Councilor Ralph J. Figy, who will be serving as Acting Mayor until the new mayor is sworn in at the beginning of January.
“I am looking forward to working with some experienced councilors and with some new ones to continue to move Westfield forward,” Figy added.
“I want to thank the people who worked hard to elect me. I’m really looking forward to serving Westfield and the city for the next two years,” said returning Ward 4 Councilor Mike Burns.
At-large Councilor John J. Beltrandi, III, who won the Ward 5 seat in the election, had the following comments. “I just want to thank the voters of Ward 5 for their support. Just because I’m going to be a ward councilor now, doesn’t mean I don’t represent the whole city.”
“Although we had a good voter turnout, it would be nice to see an even bigger one going forward,”Beltrandi said, adding, “Congratulations to everyone that got re-elected and elected, and to all those who put in the effort to run for office.”
Ward 6 Councilor William Onyski thanked the electorate and his family for his win.
“I’d like to thank the residents of Ward 6 for allowing me to serve as their City Councilor for the next two years. It has been, and will continue to be, an honor to serve Westfield. Thank you to my family and friends that supported the campaign. Another two years on the City Council would not have been possible without you,” Onyski said, adding, “I look forward to continue moving the City in a positive direction with our new Mayor and new Council working together.”

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