Pink power spreads awareness

Monday October 24, 2011 was a shining day for the Burk Women’s Imaging Center at Noble Hospital.
As part of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Burk Center had an open house to share with the community how important awareness is.
“Pink Glove Day” was part of the event, with employee’s as well as visitors being asked to sport pink medical gloves upon their arrival to the hospital to show support for the fight against breast cancer.
Each person was photographed with their gloves on and the Burk Center is planning on putting together a collage to remember the supporters of cancer awareness.
Community members who toured the facility during the open house, as well as anyone who comes in for a screening during the entire month of October is also to be entered into fun raffles and prizes.
“The Mayor [Knapik] was here today and raised a Breast Cancer flag under the American flag outside the hospital,” shared Donna Hemphill, Supervisor of the Burk Center.
The flag rising was followed by a reception and the tours inside.
“There was a great response from the tours. Some people are even transferring here after seeing our department,” said Hemphill.
The main goal of this event was to share with the community how important it is to get annual breast exams, especially for women over 40.
Hemphill , who is a breast cancer survivor herself, explained how annual exams can be like fighting a battle before it gets out of hand, “You can get rid of the renegades, and go on with your life.”
If you are interested in a tour, or would like more information about the Burk Center, you can call 413-572-5140.

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