Noble makes upgrades

If you live in the Westfield or Greater Westfield area, your heart is in good hands.
Dr. Stan Strzempko, current Vice President of Medical Affairs at Noble Hospital and also a practicing Emergency Room Physician, feels that the hospital is making a lot of positive changes.
“The service lines were not as good as they could be. We needed to shake things up and change them out,” said Strzempko.
Dr. Strzempko went on to describe the three main upgrades: change, leadership, and Noble’s Heart Attack Program.
Some of the improvements have included building a stronger team at the hospital, including new anesthesiologists, radiologists, additional pathologists, and a new Chief of the Emergency Room.
“We also want to commit to engaging Greater Westfield’s community more than we have in the past,” said Strzempko.
Over the summer, Noble challenged Westfield’s Fire Department and Police Department to the “Blood Cup”, a blood drive competition of sorts to boost community morale as well as blood donations.
The event was so successful that Noble is planning another challenge for the Westfield Boys & Girls club and the YMCA this November.
Another great stride in helping the hearts of the Westfield area is the Baystate Regional Heart Attack Program (BRHAP).
The BRHAP is a program in which Noble works with 5 other area hospitals in controlling and stabilizing patients having heart attacks before they are then transferred to Baystate Medical Center where they can then have the cardiac surgery they need.
Dr. Strzempko explained how Baystate is the “Hub” and the outside hospitals are the “spokes”. By patients going to the smaller, local hospitals right away, enough can be done to hold them over until the “Hub” can take over.  Every minute can make a difference.
Proud to be part of the recent happenings at Noble, Dr. Strzempko also attended a Chamber of Commerce breakfast in September to speak about his workplace and the strides it is making for area residents.

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