Pelli pushes past ‘The Putz’

Well, I guess a 12-2 record was good … but not quite good enough.
Three savvy entrants in Week 1 managed to push me aside with 13-1 records. Jack Pelli, emerged the top winner with 59 tiebreaker points. (The point total from the Monday night showdown between the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints was 58.)
It was a rather routine selection of Sunday games with the exception of a few entrants picking against the New England Patriots. That is unlikely to happen this Sunday when the Pats invade Miami. The Dolphins dropped their opener against the Baltimore Ravens, 59-10.
Good luck! – CP

Putz’s Week 2 Picks:
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
LA Chargers
Minnesota Vikings
Houston Texans
New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Cowboys
Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago Bears
LA Rams
Philadelphia Eagles (Tiebreaker Game)

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