WRITERS’ SERIES: Love is a fairytale covered in a disguise

Editor’s note: 2020. While we have all experienced changes to our daily lives during the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also hopeful about what is coming for all of us in 2021. On that note, the Westfield News once again asked members of the WhipCity Wordsmiths to share some impressions and reflections for a writers’ series. The series continues with a poetry submission by Shamiya Marty of Westfield.

WESTFIELD-Shamiya Marty has found her voice through poetry.

“I’ve been writing poetry since 2017 about my life and things I’ve gone through,” she said, adding, “it helps me cope with my anxiety and other downfalls.”

Shamiya Marty of Westfield is passionate about poetry. (SUBMITTED PHOTO)

In “due time,” Marty looks forward to writing and publishing a book of her poetry.

“It’s a go-to thing when I need to express myself,” she said. “My writing can relate to others and in real life. It’s another form of meditation for me.”

Marty said she joined the WhipCity Wordsmiths to connect with people who shared the same interests and can relate to what she writes.

“I have met a lot of great positive people and have learned more about writing as well,” she said.

Her poetry submission is titled “Love is a fairytale covered in a disguise.”

Love is a fairytale covered in a disguise

You see a smile 

You hear a laugh

See opening doors and polite manners

Gifts being brought

Being helped with things around the house

Saying I love you

Taking care of me when I’m down or sick

Hearing I won’t do it again

I want to be with you forever &

I’ll never hurt you twice

Then you hear this

You should never made me

angry or ignored me

Then I would never lash out

Or have hit you

Told the person to leave

Response was no I love you

But you don’t hurt the

person you love

Brought the past back in to my eyes

Tears into my eyes as I cried

Trust was broken but tried to make it work & be strong

Even though he was in the wrong

Broken doors, bruises, almost choked out

When it’s time for me to stand for myself

I’m wrong & get the cops called

Looked at as a black angry woman

That’s hurt & been through the most

Held a lot back then lashes back

Tired of so much thinking

I’m weak

That they’re in control of me

Like I’m their property or they own me

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