July 30, 2014

Author Archive | Carl E. Hartdegen

Arson admitted

WESTFIELD – An admittedly larcenous homeless man who said he broke into a catering truck in search of something to eat was frustrated when he found no food available so he lit the interior of the truck on fire. Several callers reported, starting at 11 p.m. Sunday, that a food truck parked at a Union […]

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Overfull mailbox leads to charges

WESTFIELD – A former Chester resident was arraigned on a charge of cultivating marijuana largely because he failed to pick up his mail. In January, 2013, Chester police officers Todd Allman and James Grzelack were on patrol on Lower Bromley Road and, when they pulled into Higgins Road to turn around, Allman noticed that one […]

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Driver unfazed by accident

WESTFIELD – A man who crashed his car into a convenience store reportedly didn’t let the collision distract him from his purpose and went into the store to buy a pack of cigarettes before getting back in his car and driving away. Police report that a 10:26 a.m. caller on Saturday reported that a car […]

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Vandalism expensive

WESTFIELD – A local business suffered a serious financial blow due to an act of vandalism over the weekend which will reportedly cost the company at least $100,000according to a report filed with police Monday. A representative of John S. Lane and Son called police yesterday morning to report vandalism at the company’s Pochassic sand […]

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