Letter: End of year message from Westfield Middle School

Dearest Westfield Middle School Family,

Believe it or not, today marks the close of the 2019-2020 school year, and what a school year it has been!

Although we have had to shift from in-person to virtual and learning in classrooms to learning remotely, we have still loved getting to spend time with our wonderful Westfield Middle School students. You have still brightened our days and lives even if it was from behind a screen.

Typically, today would be our day to say goodbye to our 8th graders as they move onto high school and begin the next step of their journey.

We would usher our 405 8th graders into seats on the gymnasium floor surrounded on all sides by their friends next to them, their families in the bleachers, and their teachers by their sides. The band would play, the chorus would sing, and we would celebrate together!

In lieu of this ceremony, we have created this 8th Grade Graduation video to replicate the program that would have taken place in our gymnasium right about now. With temperatures set to reach nearly 90 today, I am counting this as a blessing that you can all enjoy this in the comfort of your own homes!

I would be remiss if I did not offer credit and gratitude to the creator of this video. It is the result of tireless hours of editing and compiling by Ms. Lauren Figy, 7-12 Science Supervisor of Westfield Public Schools. It showcases brilliant student speeches and musical performances and highlights student success over the course of the year.

Additionally, we are sharing a second video to celebrate all of our WMS students. The WMS 2019-2020 Slideshow is the product of countless dedicated hours by Ms. Eileen Lynch, 7th Grade Science Teacher on Team 71 at Westfield Middle School.

Enjoy these two commemorations of the close of another year and know that even though we are not together in person, we are together in our hearts.

8th Grade Graduation Video Link:



WMS 2019-2020 Slideshow Link:


Happy Summer!

Jessica Kennedy

Assistant Principal, Westfield Middle School

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